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Roof Maintenance Ultimate Guide

A roofing contractor is no stranger to the critical role that roofs play in protecting homes and businesses. Whether it’s a standard shingle roof or a more complex system, proper maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and prevent costly repairs.

The Overlooked Hero Your Roofing Contractor

Roof damage often goes unnoticed until it becomes a costly problem. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share actionable tips you can take to keep your roof in top shape and save you from unexpected expenses.

  1. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Before you climb any ladders and risk potential injury, start with a professional inspection. Okay, this might sound a bit trivial. And yes we know it is common sense. And yes again, it may sound like we are promoting ourselves just to get work.

Here’s the gold in tip number 1.

If you have chest pain, would you self-diagnose or would you seek medical advice?

If your check engine light is on in your vehicle, would you change the oil or get a trained technician to do a diagnostic?

Sort of obvious, isn’t it. So why should your roof be any different?

When you reach out to a local reputable roofing contractor, you would be getting professional advice and a no-nonsense report of what, if anything, you need to have fixed, updated, or changed..

  1. Fix Minor Repairs Right Away

Have you ever had a rock chip on your car windshield? If taken care of right away, that glass damage can be repaired. Choose not to do so, and soon you will not only have a full-fledged crack on your windscreen, but a much more costly repair bill!

When it comes to your roof, tiny nicks in shingles, the flashing, or facia may seem inconsequential. Like the chip in your windshield, left unattended they morph into much larger problems and, most likely, more costly to repair. Little things like these are seeds for future headaches.

As tedious as it is, you need to address them promptly to prevent massive damage down the road.

By the way, don’t overlook the fact that roof damage can lead to health problems. When you consider that water infiltration due to neglected cracks can lead to mold, left unattended over time repairs might be much more extensive than replacing a few boards or shingles.

  1. Regularly Check Your Shingles And Roof Covering

Shingles come with a latitude of different warranties. Ten year. Twenty year. Even lifetime warranty. Like a new car, to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty there is an expectation of regular maintenance. This same analogy holds true for your roof.

Hence, it is important that you regularly inspect shingles to ensure they haven’t come loose. An inspection would also look for excessive wear and tear, curling shingles, granule loss, or sunken areas.

An annual inspection, by a professional roofing contractor, will not only ensure longevity in your roof covering, but also demonstrate to the warranty provider that your roof has been maintained.

  1. Keep Those Gutters Clean

Annually gutters should be cleaned. It would be even better to clean them in the fall and spring. Clogged gutters can wreak havoc. Leaves, debris, and that dog toy that accidentally ended up on the roof and slid down into the gutter (yes, it happens!) obstruct proper drainage.

When water builds up in your gutters, some overflows onto whatever is below.  But some also pushes up under you facia and even under your roof covering. Plus, depending on where you live, if left unattended this can lead to ice buildup in the winter.

Regular gutter cleaning prevents water buildup. This preventative maintenance tip can save you a bundle.

  1. Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

This is one many home owners over look – overhanging limbs and branches.

You’ve p[probably guessed it already that overhanging branches scrape against your roof covering causing abrasions. If this is what’s happening to your roof, it might not be a roofing contractor you call. You may need an arborist. Trim those branches to protect your client’s investment.

  1. Clean Debris Off Your Roof

If you have overhanging tree limbs, then it is very likely you have debris on your roof. Leaves, twigs, and moss love to settle on roofs.

When that happens, you are susceptible to moisture retention and potential rot.

A recommendation is that you check your roof for debris once in the spring and again in the fall.

Conclusion: Roof Maintenance Ultimate Guide

Therse six roof maintenance tips are by far not all inclusive when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your roof. They are, however, ones that most often lead to more serious problems when left unattended.

A misnomer is that roof maintenance is just about finding problems. Roof maintenance is much bigger and much more important than that.

When done professionally by a roofing contractor, roof maintenance is about safeguarding your home. It is about peace of mind.